If you want to prevent nighttime teeth grinding, there are multiple solutions you can try. One of them is given by the affordable night guards. This article looks into Doctors Night Guard, a product specifically made for those with sensitive teeth who might be suffering from teeth grinding. While there are many similar products, this night guard is known for 2 main benefits. Check them out below.

Why use the Doctors Night Guard?

Doctors Night guard are made with soft materials and a dual layer design. This isn’t offered by most of its competitors which means you have full control on them for a custom fit. One of the main benefits of using a custom fit is enhanced comfort. Since you don’t have to deal with a bulky night guard, you can simply sleep more relaxed. Here are a few aspects that make the Doctors Night Guard unique.

Bruxism protection

By applying the mouth guard to the upper teeth, you get to prevent or limit the effects of Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. The dental protector piece is made for advanced comfort with a custom fit since it molds to your teeth. It covers all teeth from the front teeth to the back teeth. The comfortable fit of the dental guard is an area that many customers appreciate as per customer reviews.

The Doctors Night Guard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector is made for a perfect fit you can ensure yourself, without the help of a dentist or an orthodontist.  The night guard fits properly with no help, as any teeth whitening guard.

Conforms to your teeth

The teeth grinders conform to your teeth. You add them to boiling water or to hot water from a kettle to allow the BPA-free materials to loosen up. The manufacturer has a different recommended method you can follow. You put a cup of water in the microwave for 30 seconds and then you take it out to put the night guard in the cup. After a few seconds, you take it out with a spoon or with a fork, allow it to cool for a few seconds and apply it to your teeth. The moldable night guard should now naturally follow the contour of your teeth.

Patented 2-layer design

A good reasons to get this Doctors’ design is the patented 2 layer design of the teeth guard. It features a soft top layer and a hard bottom layer. The top layer comes in contact with the teeth and it represents one of the areas which you don’t feel when biting. The firm bottom layer is a the one that doesn’t get in contact with the upper teeth. This lower layer comes in contact with the lower teeth and it prevents bruxing for at least 6 months according to warranty information. Strong teeth clench with a bit similar to sharp knife cuts can make it last a bit less as well.

Flexible arch

The front part of the night guard is made with flexible materials. It only comes with 1 layer as the 2-layer sections are found toward the back molars, areas which are normally used for chewing and the most impact teeth grinding areas of the mouth.

Teeth display


The Doctors Night Guard one size fits all mouthpiece has a unique 2-layer design with professional fit with a quick molding process. Its design makes it one of the most user-friendly products in its class as you don’t have to feel any pressure on your upper teeth when biting in. At the same time, it has proven results with teeth bruxing when used every night.


How long does Doctors Night Guard last?

While ever teeth grinding guard is different, you need to know this option from Doctors’ comes with a durable profile. It normally lasts around 6 months when used every night. Sure, this can vary to 7 months or even less at 5 months. It’s the force of the grinding that determines just how much it lasts. Its durability is similar to Dentek Denture mouth guards, Plackers, and other Amazon alternatives.

How do you use a Doctor’s Night Guard?

You can use a Doctor’s Night Guard by first heating it in water. You then have to mold it to your upper teeth for a few seconds and bit into it holding the bit for a few seconds until it settles. You normally apply it on your teeth just before going to bed and then taking it off first thing in the morning. For teeth grinding and associated symptoms such as jaw pain, this boil and bite oral care dental product is hard to match.

How do I clean my Doctor’s Night Guard?

You can clean your Doctor’s Night Guard with tooth paste and a toothbrush. This is what allows you to enjoy germ-free mouth pieces that are going to help you sleep better while taking better care of your teeth.

How do I know if my Night Guard fits properly?

If you feel comfortable, you know Night Guard fits properly. If you have trouble with your guard or if you feel too much pressure on your gums, you should try to readjust the guard by repeating the heating process.

Can I soak my night guard in mouthwash?

Mouthwash acts as a cleanser on your Doctors Night Guard. While you can’t use floss to clean it, you can use mouthwash in combination with a toothpaste early in the morning when you clean it.

Do night guards hurt at first?

Your Night Guard should not hurt during first time application. This might only be the case with athletic mouth guards. However, this can be the case if you suffer from sensitive gums or sensitive teeth. To avoid any pain, make sure you don’t insert hot Night Guards into your mouth. You should allow the guard to cool up to 1 minute after taking it out of a cup of boiling water.

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