SISU Mouthguard Reviews: Aero NextGen & 2.4 Max Guard

Mouthguards are commonly used by athletes and participants that take part in contact sports such as MMA, football, and basketball. Mouthguards do more than just to protect your teeth, mouthguards also protect your mouth against injuries. 

With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect mouthguard for you might seem daunting, but we have reviewed two of the best options currently available on the market and we are pretty sure that one of these SISU mouthguards will be perfect for you. 

SISU Brand History

SISU mouthguards are designed and manufactured in Saline, Michigan by Akervall Technologies Inc (ATI). ATI’s mission is to become the global gold standard in mouthguards. SISU mouthguards with their unique features and protection and comfort-focused designs are designed specifically with the athlete in mind. 

The founders of ATI are Swedish which explains the name SISU. SISU is a Finnish concept that stands for a mix of different values including determination, strength, and resilience which are all very fitting characteristics for a mouthguard. 

SISU Mouthguard Types 

SISU is renowned for the thinness of their mouthguards. Thanks to their remarkable thinness SISU mouthguards are extremely comfortable, and after reviewing some of the mouthguards we can confirm that it almost feels like you aren’t wearing a mouthguard at all. 

But don’t be fooled by the thinness of these mouthguards, they offer exceptional protection against the hardest of blows. SISU mouthguard designs are backed by science and thanks to their ability to absorb energy they offer 32% better protection against dental damage in comparison to other mouthguards available on the market. 

SISU supplied us with their Aero NextGen & 2.4 Max Guard and we can’t wait to share our findings with you about these two industry-leading mouthguards. 

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SISU Aero NextGen 

The functionality of the SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard 


Don’t be alarmed when your SISU mouthguard arrives and it is completely flat in the shape of a boomerang. Molding is required before you can use the Aero NextGen 2, instructions on how to mold your new mouthguard will be included in the packaging. 

The molding of a SISU mouthguard is slightly different from that of a boil and bite mouthguard. Once heated line your teeth up on the flat mouthguard and finish the process by shaping the mouthguard around your teeth with your fingers. 

If you are unsure about how to fit your new mouthguard do what we did which was to watch this helpful video by SISU. 

If your first attempt fails don’t worry, the Aero NextGen 2 can be reheated and reshaped until you are completely satisfied with the fit and feel of the mouthguard. 


Mouthguards normally take some getting used to and it was no different when we tried out the NextGen Aero, but once it was molded into place it was very easy to forget that you are wearing a mouthguard at all. 

This unobtrusive mouth guard allows you to talk, drink, and breathe with ease regardless of the type of activity that you are taking part in. In addition to being very comfortable, the NextGen Aero is also very secure. Thanks to the tight fit of this thin mouthguard it isn’t necessary to bite down on the mouthguard to keep it in place. 


The NextGen Aero features an extremely thin design that is only 1.6mm thin. The thin profile might deter some of you, but we can assure you that the NextGen Aero offers ample protection. 

According to the science behind the design of SISU mouthguards, the NextGen Aero absorbs 94% more energy than the average mouthguard which translates into 32% better protection from dental damage. 


The NextGen Aero is available in a variety of bright and funky colors including blue, red, green, purple, orange, yellow, and pink. If you were to purchase the pink option a small portion of the profits go to the American National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

The bright solid colors of the NextGen Aero are eye-catching, but unfortunately, this mouthguard isn’t available with any fancy graphics or customization options. 


The NextGen Aero is a very affordable mouthguard that offers exceptional value for money. In addition to being affordable, it also comes with a $35 000 dental warranty for one year. The dental cover offered by SISU is higher than their fellow competitors which shows that they are happy to put their money where their mouth is. 

Mouthguards are available in a variety of prize options, but at the end of the day it boils down to purchasing a mouthguard that offers maximum protection. If there is a possibility that you will either get kicked, punched, elbowed, or kneed in the face then you need to know that you can trust your mouthguard and the NextGen Aero can be trusted. 


  • The Aero NextGen features a tight fit which ensures easy-drinking, talking and breathing
  • A re-moldable design which allows you to adjust the fit until you are 100% comfortable with it 
  • High dental warranty 
  • Affordable, budget-friendly price tag 
  • Suitable for individuals with braces


  • The molding process can be a bit tricky 
  • Graphic design options are unavailable with this model 
  • The perforated design pattern can be slightly uncomfortable against your lip 

SISU 2.4 Max Guard

The functionality of the SISU 2.4 Max Guard  


SISU mouthguards aren’t your average mouthguards and their molding process isn’t normal either. SISU mouthguards come in a flat boomerang shape that gets molded into the perfect fit for you personally. 

Heat is required when molding the 2.4 Max Guard. Place the boomerang-shaped mouthguard into some hot water, once the plastic has warmed up place your teeth in the middle of it, and use your fingers to mold the plastic around your teeth. When we did this the first time we had some issues adjusting to this process, but don’t be alarmed, the 2.4 Max Guard can be reheated and shaped until you find that perfect fit. 


When it comes to comfort the 2.4 Max Guard ticks all of the boxes. When we tried it out initially it took a while to get used to it but once we got the fit just right it felt like we weren’t wearing a mouth guard at all.  

When you wear the 2.4 Max Guard for the first time it feels a bit strange because it isn’t bulky like the majority of mouthguards. In addition to its small profile, the material of the 2.4 Max Guard does feel harder than other mouthguards which takes some getting used to, but after wearing it once or twice you won’t even notice that anymore. 

The 2.4 Max Guard is very comfortable, there is no arguing about that, but what makes it even more comfortable is the fact that you can have a discussion with ease while wearing it and it doesn’t make it difficult to breath when your heart rate goes up. 

The 2.4 Max Guard clips onto your teeth which ensures that it doesn’t just fall out for no reason, you also don’t have to worry about biting down onto it the whole time to keep it in place. It is difficult to find anything bad to say about this mouthguard, but the only negative feedback is that its firm edges can catch your gums if the angle is slightly off when you insert it into your mouth. 


The 2.4 Max Guard is 2.4mm thin which is 30% thinner than your average mouthguard. This thin profile might deter some of you, but don’t be alarmed. The 2.4 Max Guard is designed out of strong thermoplastic materials that make this mouthguard 50% stronger than typical mouth guards. 

SISU trusts their design which is why the Max Guard comes with a $35 000 one year dental warranty which is much higher than the other average warranties that we have come across. 


The Max Guard is available in a host of different color options including blue, red, black, white, pink, and purple. The designs aren’t fancy and they don’t feature any visuals or graphics but these solid color options still stand out and look very good. 


The 2.4 Max Guard is by no means the cheapest mouthguard available on the market but it is not the most expensive option either. The Max Guard offers exceptional value for money considering the protection and functionality that it offers athletes. 

Always keep in mind that a trip to the dentist is way more expensive than investing in a good mouthguard that offers ample protection against kicks, bumps, and punches. 


  • The 2.4 Max Guard features a secure, tight fit 
  • Thanks to its tight fit it is easy to drink, talk and breath with this mouthguard 
  • Accompanied with $35 000 dental warranty 
  • Suitable for individuals with braces 


  • As is the case with any mouthguard it takes time getting used to it 
  • The 2.4 Max Guard is only available in a limited amount of color options 
  • The hard edges of this mouthguard can be uncomfortable at times 

What’s the difference between the Sisu Aero NextGen and the 2.4 Max Guard? 

Both of these SISU mouthguards feature very similar designs, but there are some key differences between the two models. 

The obvious difference is the fact that the Max Guard is 2.4 mm thick compared to the 1.6mm size of the Aero NextGen. Additionally, the Max Guard is also more expensive than the Aero NextGen. 

When it comes to performance both mouthguards offer exceptional protection, but out of the two the Max Guard definitely offers more protection. 

Best mouthguards for different sports

To some, a mouthguard is a mouthguard but if you are an athlete and if you are serious about protecting your mouth and teeth then that statement is very far from the truth. Different mouthguards are more suitable for some sports than what they are to others. 

If basketball is your game then a comfortable mouthguard that allows you to talk and breathe with ease is a must.

To find the best basketball mouthguard click here.  

Boxers and combat fighters get punched in the face over and over again, with that being said a good mouthguard is a must that will offer maximum protection for both your mouth and teeth.

To find the perfect mouthguard for boxers click here

Final Thoughts 

SISU mouthguards are unique, but in this case, being different is a good thing. Both the Aero NextGen and the 2.4 Max Guard are both exceptional mouthguards that will offer industry-leading protection. 

Regardless of which option you go with, both of these high-quality mouthguards will ensure that both your mouth and teeth stay safe during a sparring session.

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