Best Mouthguards for MMA

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There are endless cases of teeth being avulsed every year due to sports-related activities mostly connected with MMA and Muay Thai trainers and fighters.

Fortunately, these cases can be reduced by wearing a mouthguard. Most people are not aware of the importance of mouthguards, and they end up ignoring a vital element of their fighting kit.

Benefits of choosing the right mouthguard for MMA

For protection and reducing risk – When people think of injuries related to MMA, they tend to focus on sore joints and joints dislocation, bruising and hypertension. What they tend to ignore is the probability of a tooth knock-out. An unpredicted impact during the sport can lead to broken or chipped teeth. You have probably seen such cases where these trainers have blood flowing from their mouth at the end of the game. mouthguards aim to prevent these cases. Breaking a tooth could end up costing you thousands of dollars to have it fixed. Why go through all that trouble while you can avoid it through a much cheaper protection guard. Some of the risks that you could face in the MMA include;

Prevent soft tissue damage – When fighting, you may fall or receive an impact that causes you to bit your lip. This tissue takes longer to heal, and the pain might affect your performance. What’s worse? You could bite your tongue instead, and in a bad scenario, you could have a severe bite that requires stitching. Putting on a mouthguard eliminates this.

Protects teeth – What is worse than receiving news that your dentist has to have your tooth implanted. That is equivalent to eight months without rolling. You cannot eat and laugh as before. Losing your tooth will get you there. Implantation will keep you off the game for a while. If not well treated, it could even lead to worse situations like a bone loss, but that is unlikely to happen once you are on the mat with your mouthguard on.

Enhancing confidence – Another reason to put on a mouthguard is to have the peace of mind you need while on the training ring which in return increases your confidence. This boosts your concentration thus better performance.

After realizing the importance of mouthguards, now it is time to take the next step and get one. However, you do not just purchase a mouth protector for the sake of it. You must ensure that you get the right and best mouthguard for your needs and maximum functioning.

Factors to consider when getting a mouthguard for MMA

Most mouthguards resemble each other mainly regarding appearance, and this might make you feel like any mouthguard is right for you. However, the devices are not as similar as you may think based on their looks and designs. There are factors that you must put into consideration to help you make a sound decision to purchase a mouthguard that caters for your needs adequately, and they include;

Protection – The best mouthguard is the one that provides maximum protection. Make sure that the device offers protection on the most vulnerable areas which include the molars, front teeth, tongue, and lips.

Size – Size is another crucial factor that you should never miss out. The weight of the device will be based on your preference. Some people love bulky mouthguards as they feel that they provide better shock absorption. However, before getting a large mouth protector, ensure that you are comfortable with it and that it does not stick out of your mouth.

Comfort – Comfort is as outstanding as protection. Never choose an uncomfortable protector just because you think that it is the right one for your protection needs. Make sure that it does not affect your breathing and ability to talk. You must be comfortable and at ease while in your game as it boosts your confidence and concentration.

Consider personalization – It is good to go for something that suits your likes and preferences too. Look beyond performance and go for the right color and flavor. Do not put something with an awful taste to your mouth. Consider its logo and design too and have it customized to look however you wish.

Fit – Putting on a mouthguard that does not fit you correctly can results in problems when you are hit. If you are purchasing a custom mouthguard, make sure that your dentist gets the right impression of your mouth. Also, if you are wearing a boil and bite mouthguard, make sure you mold it properly by boiling it for the right amount of time.

Consider a mouthguard for braces – If you have braces, you know how expensive they are. They are an investment that needs protection as they are prone to get damaged from time to time. Ensure that the mouthguard you choose offers proper protection without interference. The best mouthguards for braces are custom guards as your dentist can have it structured to protect the wires and brackets adequately.

Also, the right mouthguard should be easy to maintain. You do not want to collect infections from wearing an unclean guard covered with molds and bacteria.

The right mouthguard makes sure that you are saving the dentist money and time spent out of your favorite sport.

mma fight

Best MMA Mouthguard Reviews 2018

Impact Custom Professional MMA/ Boxing/ Muay Thai mouthguard

Impact designs thousands of mouthguards every year, and they are all aimed at making MMA athletes feel confident when in the ring. The craftsman understands that MMA is the toughest game due to the impacts one can get from a single kick. There are chances that before the game ends, you will get one in the mouth and that is why this mouthguard is designed to be thicker than that of helmeted sports.

You will love their protection ability, and you can easily breathe and talk. The custom guards for MMA and Muay Thai are thick. They are custom fitted mouthguards that are easy to use offering maximum protection at minimum feel. It is ideal for athletes of all ages. Its 7mm thickness ensures massive impact absorption, maximum oxygen flow allowing you to breathe and talk with ease. It is made of BPA free material. It takes you less than three minutes to make your preferred impression, following the directions given on the kit. You can then send the idea back to crafting, and you can later get the finished product in its perfect state.

Venum predator mouthguard one size

The Venum Predator is unbeatable regarding fit, flexibility and its high impact absorption capacity. It has been crafted to withstand the demands of MMA athletes. It comes with top recommendations from well know fighters including Lyoto Machida. You will love its Nextfit gel frame that ensures comfort, and you can adjust it. Its design allows you to breathe and talk with ease during competition and has a high-density rubber frame for shock management. It has an advanced shape that molds your teeth for a comfortable fit once it is aligned to your jaw. This gives you a natural look even when wearing it. It is a dual-core mouthguard that offers intelligent impact management by absorbing shock and dispersing it to the strongest parts of your jaw.

Shock Doctor Gel mouthguard Sports

This mouthguard is ideal for all contact sports which include football, basketball, hockey, jiu-jitsu and is also an excellent mouthguard for boxers. It is well known for its comfort and fit. It forms and fits well on the teeth and gums offering comfortable use for an extended period, not forgetting its optimal protection capacity. It has a heavy duty exoskeletal shock frame that provides incredible protection from the hardest impacts during the game. It is designed with integrated breathing channels that allow you to breathe and speak while playing for maximum performance. The mouthguard has been improved to have a convertible tether so that the Gel Max can be worn either strapped or strapless making it more reliable. It is has a multilayer construction with an internal shock-absorbing frame for extra fit and protection. This mouthguard beats all the other conventional mouthguards in all aspects.

SISU Mouthguard

This mouthguard aims at offering maximum protection at minimum mouthguard. The SISU Aero NextGen mouthguard is tailored to fit players of age 11 going up, and it is suitable for contact sports basketball, lacrosse, boxing and MMA. The mouthguard has been improved, and it now features a broader bite pad around its edges for improved comfort and perfect fit. It is easy to mold and re-mold in the comfort of your home. You only need to put it in hot water for a few minutes, place it in your mouth and bite making an impression of the shape of your mouth. It is only 1.66 mm thick, and it is 50% thinner than other conventional mouthguards. You can breathe, talk and hydrate in it. It is made with Diffusix technology which allows it to distribute impact forces and shock over a large area thus minimizing the risk of dental injury. The good news is that it is compatible with braces, but you should consult a dental professional first before using it with braces and for the right fitting.

ProDefenda Mouthguard

If you are serious about MMA, then you have to be serious about your protection, and ProDefenda mouthguard is the way to go. This mouthguard features a double-layered frame for maximum shock absorption and a moldable soft-gel inner layer with a high impact outer shield that allows it to withstand even the strongest blows. It is a boil and bite fitting mouthguard which is easy to use, mold and remold when need be. You will also like its anti-slip pad for maximum grip to ensure it stays in place and it does not shift even after a hard kick to the face or mouth. It has air holes for clear oxygen passage and easier breathing. It is idealĀ mouthguard for all contact sports including football, hockey, and MMA. It gives you a natural look without popping out of the mouth, and it is not bulk.

Final thoughts

If you are a serious MMA athlete, all you need is a mouthguard you can fully trust and rely on. Get the one that looks good and fits well but most importantly, provides comfort and grade A protection even when the battle gets hot. Let your coach and dentist help you decide on the best mouthguard depending on your needs.