Best Boxing Mouthguards

Whether you’re a new boxer, or an experienced fighter who knows his way round the ring all too well, we really can’t emphasis enough how important it is that you choose ther right combat mouthguard in order to avoid injury.

Without a good mouthguard, you might end up suffering from mouth injuries, biting your tongue or even losing teeth. Cases of boxers suffering from tissue damage or their teeth getting chipped are unfortunately quite common.

You see, boxing, just like MMA (which you also require a mouthguard for), is a combat sport that involves a lot of physical duels and punches. It doesn’t really matter whether you are prepraing for a big bout or just sparring, all it takes is a single blow to inflict damage.

Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard while boxing

Mouthguards protect your teeth and gums from damage – during a fight or sparring, you might fall or receive a blow that causes you to bit your lip, or worse, damage your teeth directly. Unforatenly mouth injuries can sometimes take a long time to heal, affecting your performance in the long run. Worst case scenario? You could bite your tongue so severely that it might need stitching. A mouthguard could save you all this pain.

Saves money – mouth injuries not only causes unbearable physical pain but also a lot of money. Those trips to the dentist can be pretty expensive.

In the United States alone, around $500 million is spent on dental injuries annually. While the initial cost of purchasing a mouthguard might seem a little bit hyped to most folks, it is a cheaper option in the long run as compared to replacing all your teeth. In fact, some of the best over the counter boxing mouthguards are fairly cheap.

Boost your confidence in the ring – Other than saving your money, a mouthguard will significantly boost your confidence in the ring. As you clinch or spar with your opponents, you will have the peace of mind that is necessary for maximum concentration and a better performance.

Boil and bite or Custom made? Which is the best mouth guard for boxing?

An ideal boxing mouthguard should have a thick design for it to absorb shock from blows and punches. Thicker mouthguards are able to withstand heavy punches that are normally associated with boxing. Such thick mouthguards may be a little bit uncomfortable wearing during the first few days but eventually, you will get used to them.

Whereas mouthguards may appear similar in terms of design, they can be classified into two major categories;

  • Custom made mouthguards
  • Boil and bite mouthguards

Custom made mouthguards; they are molded to fit your teeth. Once the dentist gets the impression of your dental formula, he sends it to the lab where a custom mouthguard is made specifically for you. They may be expensive than the boil and bite mouthguards but these models will give you the best oral protection. Furthermore, you will have the space to breathe and speak with your coach or trainer.

Boil and bite mouthguards; made from a thermoplastic that becomes soft upon heating. The soft plastic is then placed over the teeth and then pressed to fit. Upon cooling, the plastic hardens enabling the mouthguard to stick to the teeth. They may not be as effective as the custom-made but they are pocket-friendly selling for as low as $20. Find out how long to boil your mouthguard for here.

boxer with mouthguard

Why do boxers prefer boil and bite over custom-made mouthguards?

Despite boil and bite mouthguards being a little bit uncomfortable on teeth and jaws, it is ironic that even the most experienced boxers still prefer them to the custom-made brands.

One obvious reason is the price. Boil and bite mouthguards are relatively cheap going for as little as $20. On the other hand, custom made brands can be expensive as they involve a lot of work. You have to visit your dentist first so that he can get your dental impression. This dental impression is later sent to the laboratory where a custom-made mouthguard is made purposely for you.

Another advantage of boil and bite mouthguards boxers cited was availability. For a boxer, a daily routine of training and exercise may limit the time available to visit the dentist to get a custom-made mouthguard. That is why most boxing athletes find it relatively easier to just purchase an over the counter boil and bite mouthguard.

In Depth Reviews of the Best Boxing Mouthguards

Your dentist is more likely to advise you to go for the custom-made mouthguards which are a bit expensive. This does not mean you have to spend your entire paycheck on a mouthguard; there are other cheaper options.

Some mouthguard brands such as the ProDefenda, Venum, Shockdoctor, and Everlast have a made for themselves in the market by designing very efficient, affordable mouthguard models.

Here is a guide to our top five pocket-friendly mouthguards in the market.

Beauf Athletic Mouthguard

The Beauf athletic mouthguard really impressed when it came to absorbing shock from blows and punches. The secret behind this is its thick cushioning base making it ideal for use by athletes in contact and non-contact sports. The new Beauf technology allows you to speak and breathe clearly as it is designed with a chew resistance and dentist-like fit. Furthermore, the presence of the dental armor fitting material gives it the flexibility to fit into any mouth. Beauf added grip rings on the bottom of the mouthguard for optimal retention and snug fit.

Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard

This mouthguard not only comes with a double layered frame but also has a shock-absorbent inner layer surrounded by a more rigid outer shield. For a contact game like boxing that involves a lot of physical battles, the Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard comes in handy by giving maximum protection to both the upper and the lower jaws, especially during a hard knock. A center breath channel ensures unobstructed airflow thus allowing you to breathe easily during work out or even movement. Do not worry about the mouthguard fitting in your mouth as it comes with a custom mold, boil and bite design that provides a tight, comfortable fit.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venom challenger is a state of the art mouth guard that has an advanced design with features such as a high-density Nexfit gel rubber frame that gives better shock management and protection. Most boxers complimented the Nexfit gel rubber frame saying it was easier to adjust and comfortable in the mouth. Despite the cheap price tag of less than $20, the Venum Challenger comes with a protective case for storage and thus better hygiene.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

The Shock Doctor brand is quite popular in the mouthguards market, and it is for a good reason. To begin with, the mouthguard comes with a gel max liner that has a heavy duty exoskeletal shock frame that provides maximum protection even during the hardest impacts.

To ensure a free flow of air that is necessary during boxing, shock doctor gel max has integrated breathing channels that make respiration easy and thus maximum performance. Moreover, it also offers a comfortable fit meant to be used for a long time mainly because the gel-fit liner is easy to place in the teeth and gums.

Unlike other mouthguards, the shock doctor gel max comes with a detachable helmet strap complete with fit instructions making it one of the best boxing mouthguards.

ProDefenda Mouthguard

Last but not least on our guide is the ProDefenda mouthguard. It features a customized boil and bite fitting complete with detailed fit instructions manual to ensure a comfortable and tight fit. The ProDefenda team was so serious about sports and safety that they added anti-slip pads for that extra grip, making this mouthpiece for a range of sports including basketball and football. This makes sure that the guard does not shift in the heat of the battle.

Every boxer needs a constant flow of fresh air and to make this possible, the ProDefenda mouthguard features centralized air holes that allow for clear oxygen flow, ensuring better breathing. The double-layered frame acts as a shock absorber thus providing maximum protection to your teeth as you clinch and spar with your opponent.

Additionally, the inner layer contains a soft-gel that is surrounded by a rigid outer shield suitable for withstanding a hard blow to the face.

Last Words

Whether you are a professional boxer or just a boxing enthusiast who is just training, it is very crucial you wear a protective mouthguard when in the ring. Nothing can be as painful as losing your beautiful set of teeth to a heavy punch from your opponent. Whereas many other brands that have not been explored in this article exist, we believe that the five mouthguards discussed above are some of the best boxing mouthguards in the market; at very affordable prices.