Best Basketball Mouthguard Comparison 2019

Basketball, although not exactly a contact sport, is one of those games which the players get a fair share of dental injuries.

In fact, basketball players have an injury potential 13 times that of football players, leading some studies to conclude that basketball is in fact the most dangerous sport in America.

The biggest risk of injuries during basketball are:

  • Suffering a fall from a push or ankle roll
  • Contact from elbows, hands or stray arms

Throughout their playing career, basketball players, whether experienced or not, have a high likelihood of suffering from dental trauma due to collisions on the court.

The worst case scenario when it comes to dental injuries is an opponent’s arm knocking out one of your teeth which is not only very painful but also very expensive to have fixed by a dentist. In this case, prevention is far better than cure. As a result, more and more basketball players are embracing mouthguards. Players know how important mouthguards are in protecting them from mouth trauma and leading brands and producers of mouthpieces for basketball players are continuing to invest money in the technology behind these guards.

Why do basketball players wear mouthguards?

Basketball players, just like in other sports, are prone to mouth injuries on the court during a game, or even during training.

Unforatnely, particularly in amateur leagues, most basketball players wear no protective equipment at all.

Although the sport is not about dominating opponents with physical strength, there are always physical battles that happen within the course of the game that might end up with a player sustaining mouth injuries.

Playing basketball with a mouthguard helps with:

Protection when rebounding – Physical contacts in basketball occur mostly when players are involved in challenging for rebounds. Players’ hands and elbows may end up hitting their opponent’s mouth as they try to extend their arms to collect a rebound.

This mainly happens when a player has already secured a rebound and swings the ball overhead when coming down. Swinging arms can, unfortunately, end up with a direct shot on the mouth or face of a partner and this is the primary cause of dental injuries for basketball players.

Boosting confidence – Most basketball players have at one time suffered mouth injuries which can be traumatizing. Wearing a mouthguard boosts their confidence while on the court which enables them to play the game with peace of mind.

Wearing a mouthguard gives a player a sense of security – The American dental association published a study back in 2007 that found out that contrary to what we think, basketball has the highest number of injuries sustained per annum. This is particularly frustrating as these injuries can be averted by embracing mouthguards.

Most Popular Types of Basketball Mouthguards

There are three main types of basketball mouthguards, these are:

Stock mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are the cheapest option when it comes to mouthguards for basketball and are bought over the counter.

They do not fit in the mouth; meaning you will have to keep your mouth closed to keep them in place, and they are therefore not ideal for most basketball players. Communication is key while playing basketball but with stock mouthguards, it is impossible to communicate via the mouth.


  • They are easy to use.
  • They can be accessed from the chemist or pharmacy without going to the dentist
  • Stock mouthguards are pocket-friendly.


  • They are only available in limited sizes
  • They hinder speech and breathing as you need to keep your mouth closed
  • You’re more likely to suffer from discomfort wearing one of these mouthpieces

Boil-and-bite mouthguards

Just as the name suggests, these mouthguards have to be boiled and bitten to fit in the mouth.

They are an excellent option for most budgets since you can design them to fit your mouth the way you want.

The best mouthguard is one which provides both comfort and protection, and boil-and-bite mouthguards do so. You only need to place the plastic mouthguard in boiling water, take it out and place it in your mouth and bite it to fit the shape of your jaw and teeth. You can use your fingers to model it for a perfect fit.


  • They can be purchased from most stores
  • They are easy to fit
  • They are cheap in price


  • Some boil-and-bite mouthguards can be bulky and uncomfortable
  • May inhibit breathing and speech
  • Certain mouthpieces can cause discomfort if not boiled for long enough

Custom made mouthguards

These mouthpieces are mostly found in dental offices as they are designed based on the dentist’s instructions.

The dentist will evaluate your needs and your teeth dimensions before sending them to the laboratory for the device to be tailored.

These can sometimes be a better option compared to bite and boil since, at times with bite and boil, you might overheat or bite it wrongly, causing damages. Also, with custom-made mouthguards you can be assured that you are safe since the dental professionals will only offer you something that is clean and bacteria free.

You do not have to suffer the risks that come from putting on cheap plastic. Custom made mouthguards are the most expensive among all the options considered in this guide.


  • Customized to fit and offer maximum protection
  • Comfortable
  • You can breathe and talk with these mouthguards in place
  • Available in many colors


  • They are expensive
  • Not easily accessed as they require dentist’s impression
  • It may take some time to manufacture

basketball court

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mouthguard for Basketball

While most mouthguards resemble each other, they are not all as similar as they may seem. You will have to put some elements into consideration to ensure that you get the one that will adequately fulfill your needs. Some of the factors that differ when getting a mouthguard are age, needs, and preferences.

Here are some of the features that will help you choose the right mouthguard to suit your needs.

Maximum protection

It is not a mouth protector if it cannot offer the player proper protection. Ensure that the guard protects the crucial zones which are the area around the front teeth and near the molars. Also, the mouthpiece should not feel heavy or bulky in your mouth which may lead to more damage being caused when contact is made.


Protection and comfort are equally important. You should not pick an uncomfortable mouthguard just because you feel that it is providing the protection you need. You need to be at ease when on the court. Comfort enhances confidence, meaning you can concentrate on the game.


It is good to look beyond the performance of the mouthguards and consider personalized features like the taste and flavor. Also, the logo and design of the guard should also be considered. Purchase a mouthguard that fulfills all your needs.


This is one of the critical factors when getting a mouthguard. Braces are expensive, and they are prone to get damaged easily if not well cared for. You need to ensure that they are highly protected and ensure that your mouthguard does not interfere with your braces. In this case, a custom mouthguard is the best as it will be made based on your mouth structure to fit over the wires and brackets of your braces.

Easy to clean

A good mouthguard should be easy to clean and maintain. Leaving it unclean can lead to accumulation of bacteria which could lead to infections.

So What is the Best Mouthguard for Basketball?

Shock Doctor

This mouthguard’s reputation as one of the world’s leading basketball mouthguard is definitely undisputed.

It is advanced and leads with regard to performance, flavor fusion technology and protection.

This mouthguard will amaze you regarding its beautiful design and affordable price. It delivers the protection and comfort you need with its convertible tether which allows it to be used strapless.

The mouthguard comes in three layers which is ideal for all ages. It is easy to fit, and you will be shocked by how the small-sized mouth protector fits after boiling and molding it to your desired size and shape.

SISU mouthguards aero 1.6mm custom fit

This mouthguard will amaze you with its ultra-light design which provides maximum comfort and protection.

It is thinner than other conventional mouthguards, and you will not even realize that you have it on. Combined with its fast, custom and remold able fit, this mouthguard is excellent both for youth basketball players and adults.

This is the best mouthguard that SISU has designed and with its maximum functionality, it is evident that it was designed with athletes in mind.

It is made of high thermoplastic material making it strong and durable. This means that no matter how rough things get in the game, SISU got your back.

Impact custom professional sports mouthguard

Impact Custom guards are designed specifically for basketball and any other contact or combat sports, including mixed martial arts and boxing.

The designers play the same games you do, and therefore they understand what you need while in the field, maximum protection plus comfort. The mouthguard fits perfectly and allows you to speak and breathe. Everything about it is quick and easy, and you will not struggle to put it on or even clean it.

Impact Custom guard will also surprise you with its affordability and accessibility to anyone basketball player.

The aim is to offer you with not only protection but also the peace of mind you need while in the field knowing that you are protected by one of the best sports mouthguards.

Teeth armor professional sports mouthguard

Armor teeth guard is a perfect fit Custom mouthguard offering maximum comfort and protection.

It is easy to mold and fit in any mouth structure, tooth shape, and size. It provides optimum retention, comfort and teeth protection making it an easy choice on our top list of best basketball mouthguards. It has a thick cushioning base that allows it to absorb shock safety grade.

This mouthguard is chew resistant and allows athletes to talk and breathe comfortably for optimum performance in the basketball game. It is clear in color with no additional additives. They are mostly meant for adults and not as youth basketball mouthguards.

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

The pro mouthguard is exceptionally lightweight which provides optimum comfort.

It is made of a dual composite construction which makes it durable and durable and a base for shock absorption. One unique feature of this mouthguard is its well-designed jaw pads that offer a wide channel for breathing. Also, it can be worn comfortably with braces.

Its benefits include a multilayer construction that allows it to provide protection that surpasses the conventional mouthguards. Its shock-absorbing pads can be put on with braces without any damages.

It is recommended for anyone above 11 years old which makes it the best youth basketball mouthguard. It is easy to mold and fit as all you need is put it in boiling water and bite to mold it into your desired shape.

UA hoops mouthguard

This mouthguard is placed near the skin to offer comfort and maximum protection to your teeth and mouth structure during a game of basketball.

It does not squeeze to fit in and is suitable for all ages, both the youth and the adults. In fact, we found it provides a dentist-likefit.

It is chew resistant and allows users to breathe and talk comfortably during the basketball game. It’s material molds to fit your teeth for comfort without being bulky.

It offers a tight, custom fit like with a basketball textured finish, and can definitely be considered one of the best basketball mouthguards available. Its material is hydrophobic thus it does not absorb water or deteriorate making it is sturdy and durable. It is microwavable, boilable, refit able, chew resistant and is also easy to talk and breathe with. It is ideal for players with braces. The mouthguard is also latex free.

Shock Doctor SuperFit Strapless All Sports Mouthguard

Enjoy playing basketball at your comfort with the easy to talk and breathe InVent tech mouthguard.

It offers full coverage and support.

The mouthguard is also comfortable or supper fitting. It is made of less material and low profile. It has shock-absorbing windows meant for extra jaw protection.

It is customized to offer a tight and comfortable fit and allows airflow to ensure that you do not pass out during the basketball game.

The mouth protector meets the national and high school rules which make it an ideal youth basketball mouthguard. It is latex free. To fit it, you only need to warm water and mod it to fit without boiling. This mouthguard, however, is not recommendable for use with braces but it forms a chassis shape to fit any tooth dimension.

Sports Mouthguards from ProDental

It has a professional design and support. It is the only moldable basketball mouthguard on the market that follows direct dentist instructions.

If you have trouble molding or fitting it, your dentist can send lab support to help you. It is customizable to offer protection against teeth and jaw grinding or bruxism when playing basketball and can be designed to fit any size or shape of a mouth for maximum comfort and retention.

This mouthguard is durable as it is made of quality, long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, odor and taste free polyvinyl material. It can serve you for up to 12 months even when used daily. It provides maximum versatility which makes it a multi-function mouthguard and it is affordable and accessible for everyone.

Oral Mart Sports Mouthguard for Kids/Adults

The kids and adults size oral mart sports mouthguards comes in both small and large sizes.

It is fit by boiling it, molding and resizing it to fit your mouth. They are medium in thickness thus does not cause discomfort or breath shortness. You can comfortably breathe and talk while playing basketball. It provides maximum protection from high during physical sports and exercises. The mouthguard is made from silicone BPA free material which allows the user to shape it quickly in the specific mouth. The protector has a shock absorbent element thus protecting lips, teeth, and gums from any field injuries.

Oral mart sports mouth is made of two layers. The outer layer is meant to protect the jaws while the inner layer protects the teeth thus maximum comfort. It also comes with a free case for secure storage. It also comes with clear, step by step instructions on how to old and use it.

ProDefenda Mouthguard

If you are serious about playing basketball, you are highly likely to be serious about your mouth’s safety, and that is where ProDefenda mouthguard comes in handy. This is a high-quality mouth protector you can trust for protection and comfort.

You can be sure that it fits well and looks good on you, but most importantly it provides you with high-grade protection for your mouth as you play basketball.

It comes with comprehensive instructions, so you do not have to waste time re-molding and re-fitting it to get the tight and comfortable fit you need. It has anti-slip pads for maximum grip, and it is made with two layers to ensure that you do not bite through the shield as it could end up being useless.

Its best features include; its good looks, ideal for all basketball players, made with a double layered frame, easy to mold, shock absorption element, easy to clean, maintain and store.

Final Say

Leading dental experts now recommend mouthguards to all basketball players especially those in youth league who are more likely to suffer from injuries as they are not zo used to fast-paced sport.

Broken teeth and a disfigured mouth are things that no one would wish to experience. Prevention is better than cure, and therefore, you should not wait until you suffer an unforgettable blow before you to rush to the dentist or store to get a mouth protector.

Get yours today and stay safe whenever you play basketball.