How to Choose The Right Mouthguard

Finding the right mouthguard for your needs depends on a number of factors.

Unsurprisingly these factors include the sport you play most often. The reason for this is because different sports and activities put different stresses on our gums, teeth, and jawline meaning you should make your choice of mouthguard accordingly.

Just like the footwear, you use will be different whether you’re playing football or heading to the court for a game of basketball, the mouthguard you choose also needs to be tailored to the sport you’re playing.

Luckily, if you play a range of sports you’re in the right place. Our review guides have been created with you in mind as we break down the best mouthguards for your sport of choice.

To kick off (pun intended) take a look through our list of articles below and navigate to the guide that is most useful for you.

Each guide goes into detail on each topic, explaining the different types of mouthguards available for each activity and reviewing the best mouthguards on the market for each particular sport.