This is a supporting article for our best football mouthguard guide. As a football player myself and a former dentistry school student I created that guide with the help of fellow high school football players to help me test the top mouthguards available.

This post has been created as an ‘add on’ due to the number of questions I receive related to how to attach a mouthguard to a football helmet. 

The process is straightforward and there are already some great YouTube videos available which I won’t look to replicate, you can simply watch one here:

For those that prefer written instructions I just wanted to shed some lift on the process. 

You’re in luck the process really is simple and as shown by the step by step guide below won’t take long at all.

Rightly so mouthguards are required for players of youth and high school football. Although these guards still have limitations, with their effectiveness in preventing concussions slightly over-hyped they’re still hugely important and at Mouthguard Awareness we’re huge advocates of them. 

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive in relation to football mouthguards is how to attach them to helmets. 

Our step by step guide takes you through the quick process from start to finish. 

Step 1 – Start by placing your guard in your mouth, ensure the strap is attached to your mouthguard. 

Step 2 – Put your helmet on as you would preparing for a game. Fasten the chin strap, tight enough not to come off but still remaining comfortable. 

Step 3 – Now pull the strap on your mouthguard beneath the bottom bar of your helmet grill. Leave some slack so the mouthguard isn’t being pulled too tight. You don’t want to feel as if you have to keep your teeth clamped tight in order to keep the mouthpiece in place. 

Step 4 – Wrap the strap around the bottom bar of your helmet grill, inserting the end of the strap in the hole closest to the bottom bar. Pull the strat tight, securing it to the bar. 

Step 5 – Check to ensure the mouthguard is sitting comfortably in your mouth and securely attached to your helmet. Tug at the strap gently. If this feels Ok take the mouthguard out of your mouth and pull with a little more force to ensure the guard remains attached to your helmet. 

If the mouthguard remains attached you’re good to go. 

There you have it, our five-step process for attaching a sports mouthguard to a football helmet.