James Akana

My name is James, and I'm the creator and founder of Mouthguard Awareness. This blog allows me to combine my two biggest passions, sport and dental care so firstly, thank you for stopping by. I hope the range of resources and guides available mean you find the precise information you need.

James Akana
best hockey mouthguard reviews

Best Hockey Mouthguard

Whether for professional reasons or for fun, playing sports is a big part of many people’s lives. We as humans have been enjoying sports for a very long time. And while certain rules and regulations may have changed over time, and new sports being conjured up, the basics tend to remain the same. Thankfully, what …

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boxer with mouthguard

We Conducted Blind Workouts for the Best Boxing Mouthguards

We reduced the (surprisingly varied) field of boxing mouthguards down to seven top performers.  With the top contenders in place, we then put all of them through entirely blind sparring sessions with each of our boxers unaware of the mouthguard they were wearing each round.  Seven mouthguards to review meant seven rounds of blind testing …

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